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Already know what you are doing?

New Task

How it works

  1. Simple

    Quick and Easy

    • Create a New Task.
    • Enter a title and click "Switch Now" to start the timer.
    • When finished with the current task, create a New Task.
    • automatically ends the previous task for you.
    • Any time you want to see your progress, click Tasks.
  2. Flexible

    Unlimited Tags

    • Create some Tags up front, e.g.
      • Work
      • Family
      • Personal
      • Household
      • Play
      • etc.
    • Use them in your New Task or "Edit" in Tasks.

    You are in control

    • You can manually adjust the start and stop any time.
    • We call this fudging.
  3. Streamlined

    Efficient Task Switching

    • Starting a new task automatically ends the current task and starts the new one.
    • Keep creating a new task to create a continuous timeline.
    • You can effectively track your whole life, but who would want to besides me?
  4. Tick-Tock

    Goes the Clock

    • Time doesn't stop even though you may want to stop tracking it.
    • Create a dummy filler task and let it run until you are ready to track again.